Abe the Wizard (WN)
Abe the Wizard (WN)

Abe the Wizard (WN)

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Abe the Wizard (WN) novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author The Mass Of Eating Melon Seeds. 1511 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


I was reincarnated into another world, and I’ve brought the Horadric Cube from Diablo II with me.
Being a knight is cool and all, but being a wizard is pretty neat as well.
So, which one will it be?

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: 1 comment on Chapter 1168: Blood of God
: 1 comment on Chapter 1512: Worlds (End)
: 1 comment on Chapter 1056: Passing On
: 1 comment on Chapter 1013: Madness
  • Theoss 1

    Ok, I am done at 767. Same loop. Not interesing anymore.

  • Naidou 8

    If this was called "Abe the Runesmith" or "Abe the Blacksmithing Knight" I would've started it a long time ago. 35 chapters in, there is barely any wizardry & the little focus that is there is placed on "Qi" (body strengthening for Knights) or magic ink to transcribe mana onto weapons to make magic swords & such. Dear reader; if you're anything like me, a person who prefers crafters to mages, you'll probably enjoy this story. Edit: Welp, for the first 100 chapters, at least. Then comes the magic. I ended up dropping it because MC is just so overpowered that it became boring, frankly.

    Edited: 28d
  • Andreensone 2

    Read this while ago, but since accs got restored here is my take: It's good and I like it, even though I'm not biggest fan of Diablo. Crafting, romance, killing.

  • pe551_readerguy 8

    Cool most thing base from diablo 2 like item and class you can google them If you forgot how they look

  • 001mac 4

    Had to drop at the elf forest arc. He's just so reactive it's crazy. Legit just getting bossed around the entire arc. He never tries to plan for anything or pursue anything. The druid powers he gets because a random druid tried attacking him. His Master alchemist he gets because someone else puts it for him and by some luck, it goes through. He just constantly gives away game-changing potions to the elf duchy or whatever just because he's engaged with Loraine??? Like get a ffking backbone and start making deals for actual resources. "Oh I don't need those basic resources or money just beast souls" Yes u do d*mb*ss. You need the help of multiple mages to hunt soul beast which money and a ton of rare resources from one of the legit RICHES groups would def do and you also have the support of your properties and family as a noble. Also just hoard just in case you ever need it, you can never have enough of money. Earlier chapters are really good but I just cant continue.

    Edited: 6mo
    • Not_a_bot 10

      when the f*ck does he become a wizard

  • FisneSuyu 1

    It was legendary. I'm looking forward to it opening up to other worlds.

  • CritikalReader 4

    I'm on chapter 107 and honestly, I really like this story so far. The pacing is a little slow, but it allows you to flesh out the side characters and setting. Seeing how low the rating is, the ending really must be trash. Will be dropping a review when i'm done reading this.

    • Notoruzy1 3

      Yeah, I finish reading this before the purge so I tell you, The ending is rush, trash, and not fitting to the novel itself. I feel like the author forces the ending. Its a time where the mc level up one after another, hogging all mana, forces, subordinates (god-tier widards with trash names). It had a lot of potential yet it dump. I ABSOLUTELY do not like the ending. Well, since you read it, might as well read it to the end. ps. I'll celebrate if there's a part to of this. I wanna see other worlds too aside from what he own.

  • john12212015 1

    It did at maybe between 600-800. I'm not entirely sure when, but it did improve.

  • omiguh 1

    Can someone explains how this story end with detail. I prefer spoilers so you dont have to worry. Mainly, i dont want to waste weeks of my time finishing a story that is mediocre. I heard from the other comments that the ending is bad but they didnt explain so im left clueless. Please help me out

  • lnwUser112742 1

    I LOVED this story, I think it was passed vary well and each character gets flushed out and side characters most of the time don't get left behind and forgotten, another thing i liked was how we see most steps of how he got to where he got. the only part that was bad was the end which is crap and too rushed with vary little getting resolved or finished, its an open end with you deciding how you think it ends but I don't think that fits with the story so far. 8/10 for the most part but 4/10 for the ending chapters