The Flames of Life spread over the Demon King's arm covered with Miasma, purifying the miasma and burning his wood to ashes! However, that wasn't all. When the Trident was fused with these materials, it also gained a special ability, although it can only be used carefully, as it has a cooldown due to the pressure it inflicts on the Spirit shaped as this weapon…

And that is…!

"[Soul Pierce]!!!"


The Trident blazed with Flames of Life, slashing through the Demon King's arm as his Miasmic Tentacles tried to stop me from reaching his body, only for the rest of my body to act on its own. The three spirits of farming were helping me!

Enormous spikes emerged from my body, and then a blast of explosive fruits emerged from my bark, and then, my fox tails grew ten times their size, sweeping around the tentacles!


And about the Demon King…!


My trident reached his body, piercing through the hard bark deep through it all, until for a single second, and finally so, I heard the cracking sound of a jewel within his body!




[You have directly hurt the Demon King of Miasma's Soul!]

[The Demon King of Miasma withers in pain! It has lost 5% of its total HP!]


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The Demon King also noticed that I ended hurting his damn soul! Now that was surprising! I didn't expected I could do it so easily, even with the Trident's new ability!

I just need to follow that trace that led me to the Heart of the Forest within his body, which is the same as the Tree of Beginnings, and continue to attack it until it shatters.


His enormous body suddenly opened a gigantic, grotesque jaw, as he fired a massive beam of chaos directly into my face!




I ended being thrown into the ground, but Nature and the Plants themselves healed my pain, quickly pushing me to stand up again… only to be greeted by tens of fists falling over my body!




The Demon King was going completely insane, roaring like a mad monster would do. Traces of intelligence already fading away as he gave in to his most primal of instincts for survival. I couldn't blame him, the more I fought, the more anger I gathered myself!

"RAAAAAH! [Hellhound's Flames]!!!"


The Trident gathered the blazing flames of Hellhound within the tip of its three blades, as I unleashed a barrage of constant blazing blows against the Demon King, piercing through his body and burning him in the process!



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And then, I heard it once more!



[You have directly hurt the Demon King of Miasma's Soul!]

[The Demon King of Miasma withers in pain! It has lost 6% of its total HP!]

I did it again!

But… just how much HP does he has?

And if his HP only decreases by a %, does it means that it is actually way harder to kill him?

From what I've gathered, it is. Even if he had 100 HP left, each time I inflicted little damage like that, it would simply be too small as it is a percentage, not a flat damage.

I have no idea why my damage is in percentages though, but it might have something to do with the System itself limiting my power, the same way it was sealing the Demon King's power.

System! Can you tell me?

Guider Spirit?


[Demon King of Miasma's Total HP: 1028489302/10000000000]

Eh?! He still has tons of HP left! But still… this much HP, I guess reducing it by percentages per direct hit into his soul is way better than direct flat damage, as it will obviously not get through him at all.

"Nnnngghh… Hahhh… M-My vitality…! You damn… STOP GETTING IN MY WAY!!!"

The Demon King gained yet another burst of power out of the blue, his powers suddenly changing in nature for a few seconds. The Miasmic Treants around him started to unify into enormous masses of Miasma, fusing with his roots.

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"What the… What are you doing now?! Stop!!!"

I quickly unleashed several attacks against him, but his Miasmic Tentacles tanked them for him, while my flames were being suppressed by a downpour of Miasma coming from all sides!


"Nnngggh…! Damn it! [BLAZING JUDGEMENT]!"

The third ability of Lucifer, the Trident of Hell, Blazing Judgement summoned an enormous mass of flames from all my surroundings, shaping them into countless of weapons of all types and firing themselves at my foe mercilessly!



The Demon King received all the blazing blows, burning alive, yet somehow, some sort of… familiar power was resurfacing within him! This is bad, really bad! I have to keep forcing my way or he'll suddenly get even stronger, that's the LEAST I want right now!

"Planta, use my powers."

I heard Tamamo whispering to me, as she channeled her strength and abilities into my body and soul, and then, I learned about them! But… if I combine them with the Trident's flames…!

"I get it…!"

Tamamo's Spiritual Force flowed across my body, fusing with the Trident, and combining with its deadly flames, the power of one of the strongest High Farm Spirits, direct servants of the Great Spirit of Harvest and Farming, alongside the power of this Spirit Weapon and my Shovel, unified!

"[Infernal Parade of a Hundred Fox Demons]!"


The power converged together beautifully, as countless "portals" emerged everywhere around me. From them, fox-shaped demons made of flames appeared by the hundreds, their sizes easily surpassing ten meters each! And all of these blazing fox demons flew towards the Demon King, covering his body, burning it, biting it, slashing it, and tearing it apart!


The Blazing Foxes were working, his power was also lowering, and his HP was also going down as the flames reached the depths of his body!

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[You have directly hurt the Demon King of Miasma's Soul!]

[The Demon King of Miasma withers in pain! It has lost 15% of its total HP!]

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