Bringing the Nation's Husband Home
Bringing the Nation's Husband Home

Bringing the Nation's Husband Home

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Bringing the Nation's Husband Home novel is a popular light novel covering Romance, Drama, and Shoujo genres. Written by the Author Ye Fei Ye. 972 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian had secretly longed for each other for thirteen years, and now that there’s a possibility for them to be together, even though the circumstances may be unconventional, neither one can refuse their inner desires any longer.

Hurled into a false marriage, Qiao Anhao treads carefully towards the cold and reclusive Lu Jinnian, but after years of near-missed opportunities and deep misunderstandings, how could their last shot at love possibly run smooth?

“Nation Husband” is a Korean term awarded to a man who is perfect in the eyes of the public – an ideal husband.

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  • debbie_pumpkin
    Reader KP:8

    If you want to know what it feels like to have your anger boil over like a pressure cooker, then read this novel. I have been waiting for all the couples to catch a break for 400+ chapters now. I have reached my breaking point and will be dropping this novel. Considering the year it came out, I have outgrown such melodramatic romance tragedies. I mean it's 2021!

    10 months ago Reply
    • Ikol
      Reader KP:21

      Hey this is a bit late, but... The main couple gets together, the side couples get together after experiencing a bit of drama and having their own k-drama moment. Everyone seems good now, they've got children too. Pretty chill ending considering how much trauma and drama these characters have gone through, but hey ig they're happy right.

      4 months ago Reply
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  • HikariTakeshima
    Reader KP:67

    This is very tragic. I don't like it at all, it triggered my anxiety and depression. It took them years to get together, like seriously, without real explanation either. It's too much. Curiosity killed the cat. I regret it very much.

    10 months ago Reply
  • HeraOfRemdragonKnights
    Reader KP:0

    This is one of the stories that made me literally bawl my eyes out. Though I get frustrated with the ML and FL, it didn't stop me from finishing this story. I recommend this one.

    1 years ago Reply
  • Arianrhod
    Reader KP:0

    Overall was a great story, the writing style also nice and not dragging on too much. The only problem I found was the amount of money seems off. I think the translator misunderstood the Chinese counting system, so the amount of money was around ten or hundred times more than it supposed to be.

    1 years ago Reply
  • Manolotrolls
    Reader KP:36

    Good story. Just that what does "one billion,three thousand million RMB" mean? Like 1,3000,000,000? But the story is great.

    1 years ago Reply
  • lnwUser45653
    Reader KP:0

    One of the best stories i have ever read. It is very touching and i highly recommend it!

    1 years ago Reply
  • RajiSri
    Reader KP:0

    is it really a tragedy or a shoujo? can someone please tell me as I want to read this but I am afraid that it is going to end up being a tragedy as it is tagged as both.

    1 years ago Reply