Douluo Dalu: The Legend of Heavenly Ruler
Chapter 1: Reincarnated and Deaths

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--- Chapter 1 ---

On the sidewalk, we could see a teenage boy walking with a troubled expression on his face.

This teenager's name is Leon, and he just got scolded by his teacher because he didn't finish his tasks on time.

"I need to finish my homework tonight and send it tomorrow morning," Leon said while shifting his gaze to the skies.

"I want to rest and watch some anime and read some novels..." He added before releasing a heavy sigh because his school works have piled over this week.

If he doesn't finish it, his teacher would probably punish him and failing his grade this semester, making him stay in the second year of high school.

'If only I could go to the anime or novel world.' Leon thought while shaking his head as it's not time to become delusional.

"Well, it's time to speedrunning my tasks." He said while trying to cross the street, only to be greeted by a bright light straight into his face.


"What-," Leon shouted in surprise before his body got slammed by a truck, launching his body a few meters away.


'Am I going to die?' He thought as his body falls onto the asphalt.

'I don't even have time to destroy my pc.' He added while staring at the truck as this accident is happening too fast to be processed.


'What a shame, I can't delete my browser history.'' He coughed blood while seeing someone is walking closer to him.

'I should've used the incognito browser.' He lastly thought while closing his eyes as his dead cold body is lying in a puddle of blood.

"Hmm? Where am I?" Leon opening his eyes and see an unfamiliar room.

'This is not the hospital room.' He's calmly viewing the room as a red light comes into the room, which makes him frown because he can see a red moon is illuminating the black skies.

"Is this a dream," He muttered while trying to pinch himself on his right hand.

"It's not a dream, but this is not my hands." He added as he stared at the unknown hand while feeling the pain from the pinch.

'Did I get reincarnated?' Leon thought while a surge of memory comes into his head.

"Uugh... My head." He muttered while gritting his teeth as a memory of a teenager named Uchiha Ryouma appeared in his head.

'This is naruto's world, and I got reincarnated as an Uchiha.' He thought while suddenly feeling being stabbed by something.


A katana comes out from his chest, and a man with red eyes and three black tomoes is standing calmly behind him.


He coughed a mouthful of blood while his clothes got dyed by a red colour.

"I'm sorry." A calm voice of a man comes into his ears as he tried to turn his gaze.

"Uchiha Itachi," Leon said with a shocked expression as Itachi pulled out the katana from his chest.

"I'm sorry..." Itachi once again said while slashing his katana to his neck.


'Why?!' He thought while falling to the ground.

'Why did something like this happened to me.' He added in his heart as he closed his eyes once again.

"Next is father and mother..." Itachi muttered while staring at the dead body in front of him.

"This is..." Leon muttered while feeling his legs and hands get tied by something.

Leon once again opened his eyes, and like before, an unfamiliar room comes into his view.

"That was my second death..." He muttered while remembering Itachi stabbing him with a katana with a calm expression on his face.

'Did I get reincarnated again?' Leon thought while observing the room, where he found many kinds of surgical tools.

"Huu..." He released a heavy breath as a surge of memory come into his head.

'This time I'm a child, and I'm reincarnated in my hero academia's world.' He thought while remembering a memory, which makes him frown.

"Shuzenji Ryuu, I am the grandson of the recovery girl." He muttered in wonder before hearing the sound of someone's walking is entering the room.

"Hmm, I see..." A wicked voice of a man is coming into the room.

"Your quirk is one of the best."

"All for one," Leon whispered with a grim expression while looking at the man in front of him.

"Well, let's start the test." All for one suddenly said with a smirk on his face.

All for one is grabbing one of the scalpels as he cut Leon's skin.

"Aahhh!" Leon groaned while feeling intense pain in his stomach.

But in a split second, a faint white light is washing his body as his body instantly got recovered.

"Hahaha... what a quirk!" All for one laughed while keep cutting Leon's body.

All for one keeps torturing Leon for a few days, and each day, he would feel great pain until All Might finally come and rescues him.

But, it's too late because All for one is already stealing his quirk.

"It's too late. All might!" All for one laughed while staring at the blond-haired man with a muscular body in front of him.

''All For One!'' All Might shouted in an angry tone.

''Where did you hide, Ryuu shounen!'' All Might said while launching his punch into All for one's face.

''Oh, That kid? His quirk is quite good!'' All for one said with a smirk on his face. He raised his hand while the faint glow of white light came from it.

''T-That is...'' The number one hero said with a face full of horror.

''Hmm? He was indeed worthy of being a grandchild of a recovery girl!'' All for one said with a full-grin on his face.

''No, this boy's quirk was even better than her healing quirk!'' He added before sinisterly laughing.

The number one hero is feeling numb in his heart when he hears this.

''Y-You! DETROIT SMASH!" The number one hero angrily shouted.

''Hmmph! Steel Bone+Golden Muscle+Diamond Hands+Air Suppressions!''

''Boost 3x!''

''Hahaha!'' All for one laughed sinisterly with a grin while swinging his punch with full force.

But, to his surprise, All Might's Detroit Smash is more powerful than he would think.


''Blergh, tch, even with this combination, I can't win, huh...'' All for one whispered to himself, and then a faint white glow comes from his left hands.

''But, Fortunately, I still have this Quirk!'' He added while recovering his wound, a white light traveling through his body, and in a split second, his wound got healed.

''ALL. FOR. ONE!'' All Might coldly shout while relentlessly punching All for one's body.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*


All for one coughed a mouthful of blood, but he is still laughing, "Hahaha... As long I still have the boy's quirk, you can't kill me."

''Smash!'' All Might cold blue eyes staring at him as he launched a powerful punch, which makes the air around stagnant.



"Where did you hide him." All Might coldly say while looking at All for One, who lay on the ground with a bloodied body.

''Ryuu shounen...'' All Might said while mindlessly staring at the skies.

''Here..'' A weak familiar voice of a kid comes to his ear.

''Ryuu shounen!!'' All Might shouted while looking at his surrounding.

He dashed toward a building where All for one torturing Leon.

''Here...'' Leon weakly said while looking at the familiar blond-haired muscular man in front of him.

''Ryuu shounen!'' All Might shouted while coming to his side.

All Might is horrified to find him tied into a chair while there are many stitches around his body.

"All Might, I'm sorry..." Leon weakly said while closing his eyes, making the number one hero dazed while staring at him with a disbelief look.

"NOOOOOO!" All Might cried while staring at Leon's lifeless body.

Chapter 1: Reincarnated and Deaths
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