Dragon Monarch System
Dragon Monarch System

Dragon Monarch System

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Dragon Monarch System novel is a popular light novel covering Magical Realism, Romance, and Action genres. Written by the Author Dark_Bangali. 211 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


[Ding! Dragon Monarch System has been activated.]
Aditya finds himself in the body of a 19 years old dragon. Aditya learns the misfortune fate of the former Aditya. Being a man from the 21st century, Aditya decides to change his fate.
Being married to the 7 goddesses of this world, Aditya walks on a path to prove himself to his wives and to his family.

"Goddess of War"
"Goddess of Alchemy"
"Goddess of Wealth"
"Goddess of Wisdom"
"Goddess of Lust"
"Goddess of Music"
"Goddess of Nature"

Disclaimer: - The image used is not mine. If the author messages me, I will take down the image.

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  • DigBickEnergy

    Guys do you know where the poster of this novel is from? Or, who is it that girl in the cover? Please help, thanks!

  • chamarthitarun

    The writer seems like he is a Indian. If he is then this is my first time seeing a Indian light novel

  • Cramtion

    Anyone know another novel like this where he has multiple wives from the start and it stays that way? (already read The imbecile lord is married to five beautiful goddesses)?

  • UwU_User

    I think the problem with this novel is that it feels "small." The continents feel like theyre just a few km away. The same goes for the space between kingdoms as well, how can thousands of soldiers reach another kingdom by marching for only a few days. The gap between orders seems to be HUGE but theres not enough struggle for me to actually grasp the concept. Plus I would prefer to see more "dragon things" as he is a dragon The novel aint bad tho I'll prolly read it till the next batch comes

  • lnwUser117950

    This is an Awesome novel hope we can contact the Author

  • SenatorReine

    I love the story At first I thought its bad but I still try it since i have nothing to read It turns out to be good and liked the characters so far and the kingdom building with the bit of cultivation and the system And also like that this give a detail about what's happening so it made more sense Im bad at explaining so dont judge me and also because of my English since its my third language and my grammar

    • TedCheairs

      I agree. The story progresses so smoothly it is great. There is a few forgotten words and a few mistranslated words in the story, but they are so obvious that it is easy to correct in your head while reading it.



  • Daoist_Baba_Ramdev

    After having read till chapter 173 this old daoist feels that this is a novel with a cool story but lots of grammatical errors Me will be back Amitabha bye-bye🙏

    Edited: 1mo
  • asura_ken

    I love the novel, i look forward reading the new upcoming chapters, i want mc to see his other wives, only goddess of alchemy and wealth has interaction to mc, and goddess of war and nature has been mention but not yet appeared

  • Arbuz

    I don't have anything against the novel but as an Indian seeing an indian name in a CN like FF makes me cringey af.

    • lnwUser34876

      Never have I ever agreed to something sooo hard.

    • Awesomeahit

      FACTS, you took the words from my mouth.

    • cloud_nine

      same man

    • BhanuK4

      yeah, my cousin and a classmate is named aditya... every time i read aditya in the novel, my brain becomes confused

    • ForwardFire2009


    • JhakaasJai

      I HaGari

    • Shadow_dragon

      same bro

    • KishouArima4444

      Exactly my thoughts

    • ariz

      U took my word

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