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Chapter 560: Silent Executioner

Chapter 560:- Silent Executioner

"From now on, The Celestial Terrain Empire is going to have a new Empress. And the new Empress is going to be none other than Seraphine." The announcement had deeply shocked Cassian and Riya. Both of them widened their eyes and stared at Seraphine.

Aditya was totally calm. He had crossed his arms on his chest and was staring at Seraphine and the elders with interest. He looked bored with all of this. He already saw this coming. This is why he warned Amelia about it when they talked in front of the lake a few days ago. Although he could have directly told her what Seraphine and the elder's intentions were, there was a very high chance that Amelia wasn't going to believe his words as Amelia was just too kind. She had been with the elders and her sister for centuries. Even if he told her about the intentions of the elders and her sister Seraphine, why Amelia should believe in his words? Besides, Aditya wanted to use this chance to make Amelia realize that in life she can't always be kind and soft towards every single matter. From the beginning, if she had been strict with the Elders and hadn't given them so much power, then this day wouldn't have come. However, Amelia still had an indifferent face. Her face lacked any reaction. "Seraphine, do you think you can force yourself to become the Empress?" Amelia calmly asked. "Hahaha!!" Hearing this she just merely laughed and responded. "I added poison to the food that you ate this morning. By now, the poison should have started taking effect. You three won't be able to use any of your powers now." It had taken Seraphine a lot of money

and time to get this special poison. Around the same time, Thalos, Seraphine's son made his entry. Thalos was carrying an axe on his shoulders. Thalos was staring at Aditya with a massive grin on his face. "You have humiliated my son, Istarin emperor. To be honest, because you decided to come with Riya, I had to make a ton of changes to my plans. From time to time, you have kept running my plans. I have grown kind of sick and tired of your existence."

At first, Seraphine was planning on Manipulating the elders to pressure Amelia to agree to let Riya get married to her son. That way she could be in power from the shadows. But that plan obviously failed.

"So I assume, you're the one who pulled the strings from the shadows and killed 31 elves and put the blame on the protestors." Aditya calmly asked. "Some of the protestors worked for me in secret. So it wasn't that hard for me to get them to take over the streets of the capital. Once 31 elves were killed, using the elders I spread the rumors that the protestors had angrily killed these so-called innocent elves. This is too obviously...." Seraphine gave a knowing smile and looked at Cassian. "You set me up.....!!!" Cassain angrily roared at Seraphine. Cassian angrily clenched his fists as he looked at Seraphine. He used to think that Seraphine was one of these people who could understand him but it turned out that she had been using him for her personal gain. At this moment Cassian was very angry unfortunately his powers were sealed because of the chains that were tied around his wrist and his ankles. These chains were saving Seraphine right now. Otherwise, nothing could stop him from tearing her body bit by bit. She just giggled and nodded her head. "People like you are too easy to manipulate. I just used your hatred towards big sister to get what I wanted. I have to thank you Cassian. You have helped me set up the perfect stage to become the Empress of this Empire and fulfill my dream at long last." Hearing this Cassian could only grit his teeth in anger. In fact, this wasn't the first time that Seraphine had manipulated Cassian. Since Amelia and Cassian were always at odds with each other, she used this to whisper bad things about each other in their ears and make them dislike each other even more. This was especially true for Cassian. "So all the nonsense about the public becoming angry at their Empress for allowing their Goddess to marry an outsider is nothing but propaganda that was spread by you and the elders?" Aditya asked. He already knew that someone was being this. Hearing this Amelia and Riya also looked surprised.

Seraphine did not deny what Aditya was saying. "When you have so much power in your hand, it's very easy to control the public opinion. I needed a tool to put more pressure on my sister's head and it worked to a certain extent until she lost her calm in that meeting which kind of ruined everything." "But in the end, it's me who is going to win." "So you did all of this just so that you could become the Empress?" Amelia asked her sister in a disappointed tone. It would be impossible for Amelia to not feel any disappointment and sadness. "It was not just about becoming the Empress." Seraphine suddenly became angry. "I was born to be the Empress of this Empire. I have worked extremely hard for this. Yet when it was time, our mother suddenly felt that you were better suited to become the Empress than me. Despite working so hard, what did I get in return, I got the position of special elder. A position that feels nothing but a consolation prize. It was supposed to be the other way around." Seraphine had a crazy look on her face as she screamed at Amelia. "Over the centuries, one by one I began controlling all the elders. You had no idea about the fact that these elders were taking advantage of your kindness and were using you to fill their own profits, did you? I found out and used this to increase my powers." All of the Elders guilty lowered their heads. Seraphine had been blackmailing them for years now. They had no choice but to listen to her words. And they had to admit following Seraphine had given them more profits and powers than they could have imagined. "We apologize, Your Majesty. But we have chosen to follow Lady Seraphine." All of the elders were Hypocrites. They only cared about their profits. For the sake of their power and wealth, they didn't care about the laws and policies of the Empire. For centuries, they have been taking full advantage of Amelia's kindness. They were parasites. For centuries they have sucked from Amelia and now that the power was shifting to Seraphine, they were siding with her so that they could continue to enjoy their power and wealth.

Hearing all of this Amelia was having a hard time controlling herself. "Aunty...!!!" Aditya put his hand on Amelia's right shoulder and gently called out her name. Amelia felt very conflicted at this moment. She was saddened and heartbroken by her sister's words. And above all, she was extremely disappointed in her sister and in herself for her failures. Sigh!!!

Amelia took one last look at her sister and Thalos. Regardless of how bitter the relationship between them was, they were still part of her blood. They were her family. But just like her mother once said, [Seraphine isn't worthy of becoming the Empress as there is darkness hidden in her heart].

'And that darkness was Jealousy.' Amelia realized what that darkness truly was. 'Mother, you were right all along.' Amelia looked up at the sky and thought in her mind. "End it."

After saying these words Amelia painfully closed her eyes as she could never bring herself to watch what was about to happen next. Since doing it with her own hand would be too painful, she selfishly wanted someone else to do it for her. Meanwhile, Seraphine, the elders, and even Thalos looked confused seeing the interaction between Amelia and Aditya. Swoosh!!!!!

Cassian felt a strong gust of wind. He instinctively closed his eyes. When he opened his eyes, he saw the bodies of the Seraphine, the elders, and Thalos lying on the ground. Their heads had been separated from the rest of their bodies. Blood was gushing out of their severed throats. Their eyes were still wide open and full of shock. 'He was able to kill 12 Peak 5th-order cultivators within a few seconds. And worse of all, he isn't even an Assassin yet he did all of this so silently. I did not even hear any noise.' Cassian thought as he looked at the dead bodies of the Elders, Seraphine, and Thalos. 'Just how strong is he?' Cassian asked himself in his heart. Cassian knew that he would never find out the answer to this question as he could never hope to catch up to Aditya. Cassian's heart was full of admiration and respect as he stared at Aditya. Aditya did not stop there. Before Amelia opened her eyes, he snapped his fingers.


With the snap of his fingers, all the dead bodies lying around them were engulfed in Crimson flames. A few seconds later, all the dead bodies were burned to ashes. There weren't even any stains of blood on the ground left. Other than the ground being slightly burned black, there was no sign or no trace of their existence. When Aditya Met Thalos, he was already suspecting that there was something wrong. When Seraphine does not bring her son Thalos to the dinner party even though Amelia asked her to, at that time, he begins to suspect that Seraphine is different from what she appears to be. She was hiding her true personality under a mask.

To confirm, Aditya's suspicion, Before the meeting began, Aditya had secretly put a talisman under the table in the meeting room. The elders and Seraphine had gathered in the meeting room to discuss things between them before Amelia even arrived for the meeting. He was able to hear things that revealed the true intention of the Elders and Seraphine. And this morning, the system had luckily warned him about the poison otherwise he wouldn't have even known that he was poisoned. Knowing about the poison, Aditya returned home. Julia made an antidote for the poison within a few hours and was able to cure Aditya. He had fed the antidotes to Riya and Amelia before the meeting began.

Amelia opened her eyes and found that Seraphine, all the Elders, and Thalos..... in short, all the annoying pests had disappeared from her life forever. From now on, she won't need to worry. Yet her heart felt heavy. After all, she had just lost a sister today. She had lost a nephew today. And with their deaths, the future of Royal bloodline also has ended. Even if Riya and Aditya have children in the future, their children would have a Royal Elven Bloodline. But this was for a better and bright future. Sometimes, sacrifices were absolutely necessary. And Amelia learned that lesson today in a very tough way. "Aunty, I have recorded the entire conversation with Seraphine. If you wish, we can show the people of this Empire what Seraphine and the Elders were planning." With a heavy heart, Amelia just nodded her heart. "Although she didn't wish to ruin her sister's name, it was absolutely necessary step to clear some misunderstandings and end all the propaganda that Seraphine had spread." After all, even when Seraphine showed her true colors, she never called Amelia by her name. Instead, she called her big sister, this just goes on to show the deep respect and love Seraphine had for Amelia. "Cassian, although this whole thing was planned by Seraphine, your actions cannot be ignored. You have broken the law and you killed a lot of innocent civilians. As the Empress of the Celestial Terrain Empire, I hereby punish you with 400 years of imprisonment. You will wear these chains for the next 400 years and work at the mines." Cassian accepted his mistakes and accepted the punishment that had fallen on his head. From the beginning, Amelia never planned to sentence Cassian to death. After all, the Empire needed him. Also, Amelia can't forget all the things that he had done for this Empire in the past. After thinking for the entire night, this was the suitable punishment that Amelia came up with for Cassian. "I accept." Cassian lowered his head and said. "Furthermore, in times of need, you shall answer to my call." That meant that if there was an emergency situation around the Empire, Cassian would need to come out of his imprisonment and serve the Empire. "Do you accept?" Cassian realized that Amelia was being very kind to him. He had already let go of all the hatred that he had for Amelia. He was grateful to her for giving him another chance. "I accept." Cassian kneeled in front of Amelia to express his gratitude. Once this was over, Amelia did not look at Aditya or Riya. She just stood up and began walking away. "Mother....!!!" Riya was about to go after her mother but then Aditya stopped her and shook his head. This woman just lost her blood sister and her nephew, she needed some time alone. ----------------

Chapter 560: Silent Executioner
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