Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy
Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy

Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy

1024 Chapters 862K Views 1.34K Bookmarked Ongoing Status

Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy novel is a popular light novel covering Video Games, Action, and Adventure genres. Written by the Author Snoring_Panda. 1024 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Alex, who had been homeschooled his entire childhood, goes to university where he has his first encounter with Cultivation through a game called Eternal Cultivation.

Through an array of coincidences, he comes to learn that making pills is one of the best ways to earn money inside the game.

So, he joins an Alchemy sect and learns how to make pills.

How far will he go with his incredible talent, luck, and determination? Read and Find out.

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: 7 comments on Chapter 1: Eternal Cultivation
: 3 comments on Chapter 3: City
: 5 comments on Chapter 2: Tutorial
: 3 comments on Chapter 377: Festival
: 1 comment on Chapter 763: Giving the Pill
  • Dead4Life

    I'm at chapter 540. I like the story so far and the world building especially about the alchemy and formations. There is little romance, but it might as well not be there due to little impact to the story. The MC is a problem for me though because it's frustrating at how slow and naive he is but then again this is an alchemy novel. I like the relationships the MC builds though. Edit: It is now 546 I'm now considering dropping this novel. . . f*ck you useless MC

    Edited: 9h
  • Yuia

    Mystrious Ning.That name appear time to time in this novel.At first i wonder what is it.may be the word Ning mean something.Now i know who is Ning... that name is another MC' name from which authot another novel...Blah..

  • GaryGary

    Alright so i got two questions. What isbthe ratio for gold to spirit stones, and is there any romance?

  • Stuff1Do

    why is this 3.7 stars but still higher in rank than the likes of The regressor and the blind saint or why did I have to enroll among the new additions, wait nvm I know, monthly readers, I guess I'll read it and see what's the buzz about

  • Yuia

    Catch up last chapter 1020...and there is no plot hole so far... and only thing make you irk is how do creator make player's body and how do they get two soul

    • Cramtion

      Hi just wanna ask if there's any romance in this so far? And if there is is there any harem? Harem is a no-go for me so I'm just wondering! Thanks!!

      • Yuia

        like Dr.ant say...there is romance but it is only 3 to 4 chapter in early stage.and it didnt affect the story at all.I also skip those chapter..cuz chapter title hint about that..

      • DrAtlasant

        Nope, no harem. As for romance, well, the MC does get into a relationship but that's just for a couple of chapters and then the romance just ends. I don't want to spoil anything but during the parts where romance is involved, I'll just skip it. Doesn't affect the story, there are just bonus chapters. I think...

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  • coloured

    im 600+ and i never ever expected this much creativity from an eastern fantasy. the author did a pretty good job in this. i did not notice a plot hole so far and the world setting does indeed have a lot of mind blowing sh*t the information given on alchemy and formations makes sense. but i must say its not really focused on combat aspect of cultivation. im not saying there is no combat, it has a lot of action in it but there is no creativity in that part just same old sh*t unlike the alchemy part. all in all its a pretty good read. better than cultivation online i would say and it does not have nonsensical harem sh*t

  • A_zealous_Reader

    him eating monster core some what reminds me of cultivation online

  • EL_SeTsuna

    This is a really good book. Really really good. A lot of emotions and empathy. The book was something I just read on while waiting for Versatile Superstar updated more titles but this has almost become my number one read. For anyone who lives retribution and hated it when the authors made it too short, this at least added a couple more paragraphs to settle your soul.

  • Scripting0_o

    Chapter 1 and the character interactions don’t seem real or as real as our real world. It all seems to perfectly fake but ig it is a novel after all.

  • Solare

    Emily's and MC's relationship is too random and seems so forced by the author. It a kinda lousy romance, though romance isn't the central part of the story anyways. The competition is kinda hype tho.