Genius Warlock
Genius Warlock

Genius Warlock

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Genius Warlock novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Yellow-Coffee. 64 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


The tale of Oliver.
An orphan boy from a Mine, in 19th century Europe, filled with Magic.

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: 2 comments on Chapter 9
: 3 comments on Chapter 20
: 2 comments on Chapter 18: Genius 18
: 1 comment on Chapter 55
: 3 comments on Chapter 11
  • ReadingSystem
    Reader KP:37

    is this as good?

    4 hours ago Reply
  • Questioning_Guide
    Reader KP:1118

    Does mc stick with dark magic or learn other magic? And why is it said that dark magic is so bad compared to others?

    Edited: 27 Sep, 12:54
    yesterday Reply
    • Sorcerous_King
      Reader KP:157

      dark magic is the strongest, but also the most dangerous. wizards actively suppress dark magic so (in video game terms) a lvl 5 self taught black magician must fight against many level 7-10 wizards at once and not lose, hence why most dark wizards are in hiding

      16 hours ago Reply
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  • AquasVeritem
    Reader KP:207

    This gives me ideas... as to what, I'll leave that up to the imagination. Also this is a fun read.

    2 days ago Reply
  • ApplePiez
    Reader KP:4

    This novel had me reading non-stop. The MC is dense of course, he has some kind of autism from what we can infer from the story. As all geniuses that have this disparity, you will notice that he will not be guided by common sense, but his immense curiosity. Being dense doesn't mean he will be dumb in e very single situation, he just doesn't understand how the people interact because he lacks empathy in most cases. Overall I highly recommend it if you don't mind that stuff. The story is going smoothly and the world building seems solid so far.

    Edited: 26 Sep, 02:30
    2 days ago Reply
  • Hiddem (Banned)
    Reader KP:125

    I will leave this comment and wait until more chapters arrive

    3 days ago Reply
  • Ironrooster36
    Reader KP:19

    So, the Mc is both extremely smart and extremely retarded. A girl he helped get stronger, Marie, developed a crush/obsession on him that keeps getting worse and worse as the story goes on. I'm currently not continuing to read this because I'm worried of what Marie may do in the future, seeing as Oliver is being a neutron star in density. Oh, and he kills his Master after the Master went batshit insane.

    Edited: 24 Sep, 11:34
    3 days ago Reply
  • flixcer
    Reader KP:1

    its amusing and interesting

    3 days ago Reply
  • Homan
    Reader KP:177

    It might just be me but The translation feels a bit weird

    5 days ago Reply
  • BadVlad
    Reader KP:25

    Imma try reading this after at most 500 chaps i guess.

    5 days ago Reply
  • OmniPirate
    Reader KP:309

    This has a great synopsis... Depending on reviews I might attempt to read this

    5 days ago Reply
    • OmniPirate
      Reader KP:309

      Thank you very much for the offer, I wish you enjoyment throughout your reading.

      5 days ago Reply
    • Omengm
      Reader KP:43

      Cant really say if its good or not I get bored easily when the mc is a child

      5 days ago Reply
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