Genius Wizard Takes Medicine
Genius Wizard Takes Medicine

Genius Wizard Takes Medicine

Drug-Eating Genius Mage

134 Chapters 177K Views 2.2K Bookmarked Ongoing Status

Genius Wizard Takes Medicine novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author PostMuscle. 134 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


“World” is a game renowned for its remarkable freedom.

In “version 3.0”, I made the decision to maximize my focus on boosting magical abilities!

All stats now revolve around magic! But In turn, I embraced a substantial number of disadvantageous traits.

However, that is inconsequential. I am determined to forge the ultimate Wizard character, It matters little whether the character’s outward appearance resembles a walking corpse.

Yet… What is this?

I have suddenly transformed into that very character – a character with prodigious talent, yet unable to survive a single day without relying on drugs.

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  • VaibhavMishra 5

    Does this have romance...

  • Illusive_Demon 6

    Is this the Novel of [Drug-Eating Genius Mage Manhwa], or is this different? Also, what are the poison testers results?

    Edited: 1d~
    • lnwUser105984 2

      Yes it's the novel Assuming poison testing means you want a review from my experience I love it, that might be just me but I like the unique setting the world is set in

  • francis_kg 27

    Oh he's like my uncle!

  • Opaarz_ 9

    I thought the title was "Genius wizard makes medicine" and thought it was some pretty light hearted, slightly action packed novel I could start reading and not some powder snorting crackhead LMAO

  • sillyimmortal 3

    Bro is a magic crackhead

  • Mrdstein 7

    What chapter is it after season end of manhwa?. It ends with ortables blueprint getting stolen.

  • WiseTurtleAnsem 1

    Good read between other novels. The pro and cons idea is a new concept i am just enjoying. Turtle seal of approval

    Edited: 3d
  • Leolee69 5

    Idk with this site anymore so many novels both new like this and old ones only updating like once every 1/2 weeks or more it makes me want to just drop this site... yes it's not exactly this site's fault when it's the novel that isn't updating but that isn't the case for a few things I'm reading now that I had to go somewhere else to read.

  • eZquinn 12

    i read novels where ppl take drugs all the fkin time, 'cultivators' and now its mage? why not??😁 the amount of pills they take .. especially the MC 💀

    • sillyimmortal 3

      The path to strength is drugs. Never forget that!

    • Lith_is_not_paranoid 9

      This old master will not allow you to slander the greatness fo overpriced low grade pills sold under the name of the great Peng family. What do you think Peng clan cares about your opinion? Ha! Your cultivation was useless!! Better go and find our young master to plead for your forgiveness!! Maybe then he will allow you to live your dog life at his feet. What!! You are angry!? Hahaha never has this old master seen such an ignorant youngling I will put in a good word about you to my fellow old master association and we have our disciples not to forget our Pill Head the grandmaster Peng so that they may take care* of you if they ever see you

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  • GaryGary 8

    Does the romance actually develop. Or is the fml gonna just constantly sorta long for him. Cause I see devoted love interest, but no romance