Hero of Darkness
Chapter 569: Fair Warning

As soon as Venessa's declaration resounded in everyone's ears, the whole surrounding turned dead silent. Whether it was Kahn, his subordinates, the onlookers or even the members of the hero's party… they all were dumbfounded.

Vanessa's man aka Kahn had his eyes popping out of the sockets, jaw dropped on the ground and entire body frozen like an ice sculpture.

Even Omega and Jugram looked at him with suspicious eyes, wondering when their master managed to charm another beautiful woman within just a couple of months ever since they entered the Vulcan empire.

"He's the disciple of master Oakenshield. How dare you mongrels release your killing intent on him?!

Do you know who you're all messing with?!" shouted Venessa again as her sword suddenly lit on fire as she kept increasing her saint pressure.

The entire hero's party, however… had nothing to speak in return.

At this moment, they all felt thoroughly insulted. Because first, it was Omega who said that they were nothing but weak losers who needed their clan's support to do anything. He didn't care if they were the hero's party or were affiliated with the church.

And now, Venessa called the trash dumpsters and mongrels as if their identity as the biggest talents of the young generation of the whole Vulcan empire was nothing but a joke.

Yet, there was nothing they could do to retort because the one to berate them was the princess of the empire herself.

A single defying word spoken against the imperial family was enough to get them beheaded under a guillotine.

"Should I report this to your clans? Or should I get the imperial authorities directly involved in this matter?

Looks like you lot have grown bolder because people praise you for the things you didn't even achieve by yourself." spoke Venessa as she gave them all deathly stares.

Forget getting angry… everyone including the 4th stage fireborne saint was scared because she was imperial blood and their families and clans all served the imperial family in the end.

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Maybe the Hero of Fire would be spared… but the rest of them would surely be killed if they did something wrong in her presence.

"It's a misunderstanding, princess Venessa." spoke Axel as he tried to calm down the mood with a benign smile.

Which in reality, wasn't. He didn't care about Kahn at all because he was a weak nobody.

[Here he goes like a lovestruck bird again. Whenever he sees the princess, he turns into a completely different person.] said Tamak to Edna.

"It isn't." spoke Omega suddenly.

"They disrespected master Oakenshield who couldn't come to greet them because he is working on legendary rank weapons.

They tried to attack the building entrance just because they felt like they weren't shown enough respect.

And then they forced Kahn to kneel just because their fake pride needs others to worship them like gods." said Omega in a fearless tone as he told Venessa what happened.

"Lies! He's lying! We did no such thing." rebuked Mikaela.

"Is that so? We have hundreds of witnesses here. Besides…" spoke Omega and the next moment…

Jugram, who stood beside him activated a recording artifact and displayed a holographic video of the whole thing ever since he came to greet the new arrivals.

This was one of the backup strategies Rathnaar had them prepared for in case things got ugly and they had to prove their innocence.

However, this recording did not show any of the insults or berating done by Omega at all since Jugram recorded only the selective moments.

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"You ignorant pricks! You dare show that kind of behavior in front of someone who is backed by me…" said Venessa in an exasperated voice.

"Let's see what happens when I release this recording to the whole empire. I would like to see what people will think after watching your real faces.

I wonder if even the church or the imperial clan would support this kind of conduct." threatened Venessa.

Everyone from the hero's party suddenly felt a dreary pressure on their minds and were left rooted on the spot.

If it was someone else… the church or the imperial authorities would've taken care of it. But if it was the princess herself who was to release and spread this footage… they all would be scrutinized by the whole empire.

Even Axel wouldn't be spared from this.

"Get lost! These people are under my protection.

If I see you troubling the company or Kahn ever again… you'll have me as your enemy.

And I don't care if you're the hero's party or whatnot." warned Vanessa.

She picked up Kahn, grabbed by the shoulder and dragged him towards the entrance door of the building.

"Princess, we should maintain some distance. People will get a bad impression." whispered Kahn.

Venessa quickly handed him an artifact and conversed telepathically.

[Play along. I want to avoid that bastard. He keeps acting all friendly and chummy with me every time I meet him.

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Can't he get a hint that I'm not into him?

Let's get out of their sight first. Then we can talk later.] ordered Venessa as she dragged him along.

Kahn, for the first time in both of his lives… was getting manhandled by a woman.

[Who's that human? What's her relationship with him?] asked Axel with an irked expression.

[Seriously, we just got humiliated so badly and he's worried about her relationship with that human?] spoke the wolfkin to the rest of the group.

Axel didn't show it on his face but he was annoyed by Kahn who was walking too close to Venessa.

"Let's go. We're not welcome here." he commanded the rest of the group before things got out of hand again.

After they finally left with their warship, Kahn and Venessa had entered the main office of the company and finally decided to speak freely.

"Princess…" he said.

"What?" she asked with a curious gaze.

"What did you mean back then?" asked Kahn in a serious tone.

"About what? I only saved you from them." she replied.

"Well… I think your words were kind of…" said Kahn as he averted his gaze from Venessa and spoke in a soft tone.

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Hero of Darkness Chapter 569: Fair Warning
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