I Should Have Just Died
Chapter 181

Caradella asked, squinting her eyes.

“…Princess Alyssa?”

She wondered if the queen was crazy. How many eyes are looking at Alyssa now? Moreover, they were concerned about Alyssa’s safety and health. Even so, isn’t she the only alternative to restore this rotten royal palace?

They, too, were aware that pressure on Alyssa could come from anywhere.


If the queen had been sane, there would have been nothing like this.

Caradella beckoned to the maid.

“I will accept you. I will protect you from the royal family as you wish.”

“Thank you…..”

“So, how is the queen trying to assassinate the princess?”

“… We hired a mercenary and got an answer. However, what the mercenary guild responded to was to kill the king, and the princess was a new request, so we haven’t received a definite answer yet.”

“Mercenary Guild?”

Caradella smiled softly.

She shouldn’t have been worried.

The mercenary guild were the ones who hated the royal family the most. How much did the king squeeze the mercenaries, who were attracted to the religion, for pressuring the common people? Also, there were times when they did not pay their daily wages properly after using them. So, in their wrath, they would have joined in the murder of the king. Besides, aren’t they the people who eat and live in this country? They also know how things are going around the country, so they seemed familiar with the atmosphere talking about Princess Alyssa.

That was the fact that Caradella of the Revolutionary Corps, who lived on the same street, knew better. There is no way they will be involved in the murder of Princess Alyssa.

It’s the same because the mercenary corps needs a country to make a living. Caradella took the location of the mercenary guild commissioned by the maid in detail.

The maid withdrew, and Caradella called her fastest and most stealthy messenger.

“Jack. Go here, put in a new request and come.”

“Yes, Miss Caradella.”

Caradella turned her head.

The Revolutionary Corps will do all the dirty and cruel works, and Alyssa must ascend to the throne in a state of splendor and purity. People will not welcome a stained king in a time of turmoil like now.


Alyssa didn’t go out of touch with the royal family.

The first thing she did after she decided she would ascend the throne this time was to tie a string to the royal family. Dania did the job. Dania was resourceful and entwined with the royal servants, who gladly agreed to provide them with information.

They knew the country’s state and understood that the situation had now changed. The rising power is Alyssa, not the queen or crown prince.

They pretended to be reflecting on their past and frugally stuck to Alyssa. Such people were not trustworthy, but it was enough to obtain information from the royal family.

Of course, among those who became Alyssa’s ties, some had contact with the queen.

“They’re trying to kill me.”

Alyssa chuckled.

There were no expectations for the queen. She was the one who raised Alyssa, but the queen treated her like a tool, not really a family.

If the hound is about to bite the master, she will, of course, kill it.

But, is Alyssa just being bullied?

As always, the queen tended to look down on Alyssa. That is a contradiction. For the queen raised Alyssa to be ‘nearly perfect.’

So that she can do everything perfectly.

Instead of being soft to her children, it was a harsh virtue to Alyssa.

It was all thanks to the queen that Alyssa grew up closer to the throne than anyone else.

But now, how can she think that Alyssa will be docile to the queen’s tricks.

The queen was a belligerent and outward character. She never greeted something that she could do covertly.

If she were going to have the maid do such an important job, she would have to grab the leash first. However, the queen was sloppy and lost her maid. Alyssa had also been told that she had gone to the revolutionary corps.

Danai, watching Alyssa’s reaction, asked cautiously.

“…I thought you’d be disappointed. I thought you’d have a hard time… are you okay?”

“If you don’t expect anything, you won’t be disappointed. There’s nothing to be hard about.”

Alyssa replied lightly.

“Besides, the Revolutionary Corps will take care of this. I know Caradella well. She is a capable person.


“It didn’t happen to me. I just watched and learned.”

Chapter 181
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