Is that a Wisp?

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Took a long time to find such a good novel after so much time. A decent break i got from all system craps that's been trending. Keep up your good work "Suiyan"


This is the best Novel I've ever read, it's pretty refreshing to see a new character. It feel like, founding a treasure that i would care for my entire life, trust me, patiently read it and it would be worth it


This is so good! The author really implies that your imagination is your only limit. He or she is really, really, reallyyyyy creative in using the cultivation setting for this story. It's like the author suddenly decided, "If I'm making a story, I might as well go all out!" The progression of the plot is amazing. The abilities and fight scenes, companions and connections, and disasters and mysteries are well-thought. Same with the cultivation system and anything related to it. The jokes might be excessive and repetitive but the amazingness of everything else more than made up for it.


I read up to chapter 627, and i have to say that it's very entertaining, althought the writing is tiring at times, i loved every single chapter of this novel


i have read all the chapters that are released at the moment and it is very entertaining. sometimes the story is really funny and exiting. the situations are a little fare fetched i like uga uga


The MC is actually very entertaining and unique. Also without the cliche cultivation troupes the story feels fresh and new. The side characters actually matter and have well developed personalities. The cultivation is one of the more interesting types.


Sorry but I ain’t into lolis. That’s pretty much it since I didn’t read any farther than when the loli got introduced. Don’t need to, and don’t reply saying “oh you need to read farther u dumb”. No. Just no.

Gfcz (Banned)

[email protected] how author just fl!p the board and restarted the novel by moving MC to another universes and all the old characters were like fillers.Also, MC stup!d.


I've read almost 200 chapters, and it's a very interesting story with a basic concept and I also like the cultivation system. I like how the mc is kind but not too kind, and also his oblivious behaviour leads to some very funny scenarios

PS: sorry for the bad English


I don't know why there aren't any reviews yet but I'm in chapter 20 and so far it's great! I recommend it for anyone who likes novels where the mc goes from weak to strong