Kill the Sun
Kill the Sun

Kill the Sun

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Kill the Sun novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Action, and Adventure genres. Written by the Author Warmaisach. 168 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Earth, thousands of years after the apocalypse.

Countless technologies and advances had been lost to time as the Specters, horrifying beings with terrifying powers, arrived and destroyed the world.

Over the coming thousands of years, humanity had built itself up but always died again.

Nobody remembers the past.

Nobody remembers what humanity had once accomplished.

Now, everyone is living in a world where the Specters reign supreme.


A boy with amnesia woke up in the middle of the Dregs, the worst part of Crimson Fungus City.

The boy grows up and manages to become strong enough to pass an exam for one of the most prestigious jobs in existence, a Zephyx Extractor, someone that can harvest the powers of Specters.

Sadly, he had already gained a power from a Specter in the past, which made him ineligible for the position.

But then, a mysterious man visits him.

And his luck finally turns around.

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  • Illusive_Demon 12

    This is the only Author who can consistently make a Pirate like me spend money on their great books. ` Its 2 birds for the price of 3 Chicken 'n' Cheese burgers an Macca's. I get my fix, and the Author gets money. Win-win

    Edited: 1h~
  • Superfluous 4

    If you're browsing for novels, give this one a go. Short chapters, but they're worth it. It's really good. Can't really identify other novels that are similar to it besides the other 2 warmaisach novels, but this one is even more out there, somehow.

  • Zarek0110 7

    I was wondering whether to read this. Then I saw the author, so I have to give it a try

  • BigDaddy_05 9

    I just finished sword god in a world of magic and lightning is the only way to be greeted with another banger….I love this author

  • Illusive_Demon 12

    Warmaisach's fight scenes are literally peak. They're so fùcking good, and they just keep on getting better. ' LITOW already had good fights, but then with Sword God he just enhanced it to 11. And now this book is taking on a more tactical, and scheming approach. And it is so f*ck*ng good. ' Nick's choice of weapons, combined with his unique Ability, combined with the Authors amazing skill, create incredibly detailed, and just pure genius of fight scenes.

    Edited: 1d~
  • Slimeson_7o7 12

    Wait, no chaps Huff*Huff I am dying I am DYING AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH??? MORE CHAPTERS

  • ElemelekPL 2

    i feel like its gonna have a similiar writing like shadow slave but ignoring that its gonna be an interesting novel, not like its anything bad btw i love shadow slave and i stack

  • LagPanzerVI 2

    Very good novel, translation is a little bit rough at the start but gets better. Among its strong points i find the originality to be great and the protagonist kind of thinks and behaves like an actual human being, which if you think about it is kinda rare.

  • Neisan 5

    probably one of the best novels this website has

  • shang_sword 7

    we really got spoiled by the daily chapters