My Werewolf System
Chapter 549: Altered Hunter Helper

Although the casino was run by a gang, it nevertheless followed the town's safety regulations, meaning that aside from the one main entrance, it also had multiple emergency exits in case of a fire. In his head, Blake had convinced himself that he was merely using the fight between the Howlers and the Scatterbugs as an opportunity to hunt the Altered who had come into 'his territory.'

To make it clear that he was in no way associated with the Howlers, the Altered Hunter had chosen against travelling with the others. He had come here via his trusty motorbike and chose to use the confusion the Howler's entrance created to get further into the building.

Wearing the special Altered Hunter mask, Blake had an easier time locating Altered, and it was what brought him to the location he was in. Without hesitation, when he was in the hall of private rooms and could see the Altered in front of him, Blake lifted the motorbike so all the weight was on the back of the well lifting the front end and jumped off.

The bike continued going forward and he just hoped that what he assumed to be Gary from the green hair on the back of his head, that he would move away. The bike was fast and heavy coming toward the Altered who was more than surprised to see such a thing in a place. Using both of his long double jointed arms, he swung them to the right, the balded parts dug deep into the metal of the bike.

Sharp serrated edges appeared from the bladed part of his body and made it so the bike was stuck in his arms. As he swung it to the side, the serrated edges disappeared and the bike was flung into the room next to the Altered, crashing hitting the table and the back wall.

Getting out from the private room, Gary stood there next to Blake, making sure that it was his friend who had just entered this way. Without a doubt he was wearing the same type of clothing on that day they fought Billy, though he seemed to have brought along a new set of weapons.

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"I know that you're helping us, and I don't mind, but fighting these guys is dangerous, the last thing I would want to happen is for you to lose your life over something that I started." Gary stated as he was starting to transform as he looked at the person in front of him.

"Do you really think I'm risking my life for you? Did you forget what I am?" Blake replied in an annoyed manner. "My existence means I risk my life on a daily basis. Don't get it wrong, I'm just here to hunt some Altered. Given what you are, you're not someone I need to worry about."

After saying those words, Blake ran forward, he was fast, he was always a talented athlete that was better than most, but he wasn't at the Altered level. At the end of the day, although Altered Hunters were strong enough to take on Altered, there was a reason why they hunted in pairs or groups and not alone.

The Altered that worked for the Scatterbugs was faster, as it equally charged forward and swung one of its arms from above. Before it could hit, though, Blake swung his arm, hitting one of the elbow-like joints on its body. It was a strong hit, hacking the entire arm into the doorway.

'I can see it. It's just like last time, I can see the lines in my vision, telling me where to strike!' Blake thought.

With his other sword, he swung it toward the shoulder joint of the Altered, when it struck the blade went through the clothing but not through the body. It felt hard, like he was clashing his sword against a solid bit of armour.

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Still, the look on the Altered's face, showed his pain, as his whole arm was shaking and he was unable to move his other arm to attack, before he knew it, three dart like objects had come from the strange gloves of Blake and hit the Altered.

The three darts started to light up slightly blue, and shocks of blue connected with all three shaking the entire body of the Altered. At that moment, two large strikes were seen aiming right for the neck of the Altered.

Blake swung them with all his strength and a slight glow like a glow stick could be seen emanating from the swords as they hit the Altered.

It didn't quite pierce the skin once again, but the Altered was knocked off his feet and he was now on the floor.

"What are you doing? The longer you take to take them out, the more likely you are to lose someone you care about." Blake chastised the other teenager. "As you can see, I'm fine by myself here!"

Gary felt like Blake's words were right, he had to hurry. He had asked for the help of the others, he had decided to attack the Scatterbugs so he needed to do whatever he could to end it as soon as possible.

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Running past the Altered and Blake, Gary didn't look back as he turned down the hallway going deeper into the casino.

The Altered had somewhat recovered, and swung its arms from the floor, aiming for Blake's feet. He moved back, but his left foot was slightly slow, and the blade's limb from the Altered slashed through his armoured boots, and cut his chin slightly.

It was painful, but Blake remained standing.

"Now I know what you are!" The Altered from the Scatterbugs said as he stood up. "You're one of those Altered Hunters psychos. With all that clothing and fancy, stupid gadgets! Now, why would someone like you work alongside another gang?"

It seemed like a genuine question, but of course Blake had no intention of answering.

"So there is a link to the Altered Hunter association? Is this why they were so confident in attacking us? Well, I guess it just means it's more important for us to take out this Howler's gang, and it would be pretty interesting to know what the other cities will think when they learn of this!" The Altered smiled.

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