Strongest Mage with the Lust system
Strongest Mage with the Lust system

Strongest Mage with the Lust system

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Strongest Mage with the Lust system novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Harem, and Mature genres. Written by the Author Blizzard54k. 258 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


[ Warning: Mature content R-18 ]

A middle class boy died a pathetic death after witnessing his best friend making out with the girl he liked. However what he thought was the end, was actually a begining of exciting life.

"Huh? Did I reincarnated?"

[ Ding. Lust system initiated.]

This world has magic and beauties that none in his previous life can compare.

Join Exciting journey of Our MC. How he will get both strength and most gorgeous beauties.


[ What to expect? ]

1. This is my first time writing a novel, so don't get your hopes high. If you have some patience, you can read it and enjoy. if not then this is not for you.

2. From the title of the novel you already would have guessed that it will have many sexual adventures. So enjoy them.....

3. However don't expect MC to have sexual relations with every woman he meets. I'll be focusing on the story, and would 'Try' not to blindly throw sex scenes left and right.

If you enjoy the story then don't forget to

Discord: Blizzard54k#5923

Happy reading~


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  • Romeo1278
    Reader KP:21

    It's been 2 days. When is the new chapter coming?

    yesterday Reply
  • Lolimancer
    Reader KP:68

    It's silly, full of grammatical errors and reads like a fanfic. Don't expect too much, it might be fun if you turn your brain off.

    yesterday Reply
  • KingofGod11
    Reader KP:267

    That cover final made me read this novel, that women in the cover was haunting me in my nights now I have to read this thing before getting haunt again by that cover.

    2 days ago Reply
  • FilmyGuy9
    Reader KP:308

    It's good but sometimes gets boring 😴 😪

    2 days ago Reply
  • DwiPrastiyo
    Reader KP:1

    does mc ever dump a woman after having s*x?

    4 days ago Reply
  • Amazter
    Reader KP:5

    Chapter 152 right now, the girls could have been easily killed while Max and Leticia were f*ck*ng around I also dont know if anyone feels the same as me, but he’s kinda stupid

    Edited: 24 Sep, 04:27
    4 days ago Reply
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  • lnwUser48539
    Reader KP:69

    Author why doesn't the mc use any weapon? I mean he doesn't use weapon because he doesn't need it cause he wanted to be a range fighter but then he became a f*ck*ng melee fighter who uses his fist, I mean doesn't it make more sense to use weapon to increase his lethality each strikes rather than just punch.

    Edited: 23 Sep, 10:36
    4 days ago Reply
  • ReaperXJack
    Reader KP:50

    Can someone tell me his harem ladies and if he has any m*lf in his harem?

    5 days ago Reply
    • AllPurpose
      Reader KP:376

      Officially he got no M*LF wife for now but he tasted 3 milfs. First his sister in law(his personal s*x slave), 2nd the teacher in his academy and 3rd the ruler of some land when he was doing a mission.

      5 days ago Reply
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  • RaheemAzmi
    Reader KP:198

    How OP is the MC now?

    5 days ago Reply
  • UmbraAsura
    Reader KP:5

    F*ck this f*ck*ng sh*t, why can't these people learn from my three wives are beautiful vampires, vampire's slice of life or supreme harem god system, instead of just giving some bs reason to take his supposed main wife out of the novel for God knows what reason, that is so f*ck*ng stupid, I'm gonna drop this novel just for this, im so p*ss*d wow

    6 days ago Reply
    • YaBoiWinx
      Reader KP:0

      This a recent chapter, I'm not yet at 100 and I hate it when that happens. At the very least does she choose to leave or is she forced.

      15 hours ago Reply
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