Super Gene (Web Novel)
Super Gene (Web Novel)

Super Gene (Web Novel)

Super God Gene

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Super Gene (Web Novel) novel is a popular light novel covering Sci-fi, Comedy, and Martial Arts genres. Written by the Author Twelve-Winged Dark Seraphim. 3462 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Missing chapters have been added. Missing sentences in some sections were identified and edited.
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The future unfolded on a magnificent scale into the Interstellar Age. Humanity finally solved the space warp technology, but when humanity transported themselves into the other end, they discovered that place neither had a past nor future, nor was there any land under the starry skies……

The mysterious sanctuary was actually a world filled with countless tyrannical unusual organisms. Humanity faced their great leap in evolution, starting the most glorious and resplendant new era under the starry skies.

“Slaughtered the God Blood organism ‘Black Beetle’. Received the God Blood Black Beetle’s Beast Soul. Used the God Blood Black Beetle’s flesh. Randomly obtaining 0 to 10 points of God Gene(s).”

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  • Diabalo1
    Reader KP:110

    There was a time when it was in top 3 rank and was good but the sh*t ending made it that much worse

    21 hours ago Reply
  • lnwUser28589
    Reader KP:23

    As someone who dragged his way to chapter 3064 if your thinking of reading this do yourself a favour and find something else

    2 days ago Reply
  • RaheemAzmi
    Reader KP:198

    Really love this novel

    5 days ago Reply
  • LostRegressor
    Reader KP:286

    And the way how the plot is revealed is like ( boom b*tch here’s the plot take it or leave it) example; when it was revealed that is mother was from a strong family, the revelation just pops up out of nowhere with no indication whatsoever. Him mother was portrayed as a weak feeble woman who could even prevent there house from almost being taken but then boom ( dramatic explosion) she’s from the strongest family and she’s supposedly a badass. 🤣 And if ur wondering why this *d**t is rambling on and on about this novel, well I don’t why I’m rambling on either. Maybe I just got nth better to do on a Saturday night

    Edited: 18 Sep, 03:54
    10 days ago Reply
  • LostRegressor
    Reader KP:286

    And don’t get me started on the world building and the use of technology, the universe is laid out so bland and that’s each location has nth unique to it or makes the location different(other than the change in grass color) , the use of technology is poorly executed for a novel that takes place in the interstellar age and not some cultivation world. The plot average at best , the characters are meh the author could kill any of the main cast and it would be like nth happened or he could forget about a character and you wouldn’t even notice. And the characters personalities are so edgy and cringe (why is everyone cold) as for the romance thumps up because it’s not harem but I wouldn’t describe it as romance it’s more like physical intimacy than anything else. I completed this novel six months back and I fricking loved it but in my second re read these things just stand out so much that it’s glaring. For anyone who loves this type of novel read Swallowed Star you won’t be disappointed.

    Edited: 18 Sep, 04:07
    10 days ago Reply
  • LostRegressor
    Reader KP:286

    I’ve read this novel twice and I’ve finally figured out what bugged me about this novel and that’s the power scaling. When you power scale in a novel you usually lists out feats that can be accomplished when you reach that rank or level of power but this novel has none of that. All you know is that Demi-God is stronger than surpassor rank but there isn’t any feat that gives you an idea of how much stronger, take the novel swallowed star for example when you reach the rank undying you can withstand a laser beam that is strong enough to vaporize galaxies but you would still come out mostly unscathed, that gives you a general idea of how strong that rank is and say in this novel defied is comparable to undying but the difference is that in this novel there is no feat that is listed to give you and idea of how strong the rank is all you know is that defied is stronger than king rank and that’s it no feat is listed to give you a picture. Compared the Swallowed Star this novel is overhyped.

    Edited: 18 Sep, 03:26
    10 days ago Reply
    • Marine0IQ
      Reader KP:10

      Thats so true! thanks for putting what was on my mind in words. I stopped after 1400 chapters cause I never felt the mc was particularly strong cause there was literally nothing given about how strong he was other than his fitness level. Moreover, there were very few or almost no (my memory fails me) large-scale strength feats done by the mc ( like smashing a mountain or something. at least until 1400). I do remember him beating back the spirits and using an insane move that could deconstruct atoms or something. guess what he called it? " sUpEr sPaNk!" like wtf!!! nvm, this is a rant cause this novel had potential, but now it's just wasted.

      6 days ago Reply
    • LostRegressor
      Reader KP:286

      Yah even the fitness level doesn’t prove anything or feats cause I’ve read this novel twice and I still have no clue how strong it is because there is no measurement in metric all u get is a fitness index. I don’t even know if 1 fitness index= to 1 ton force or 1 kg force cause there is no metric. It doesn’t make sense.

      6 days ago Reply
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  • OhDamnYeah
    Reader KP:9

    I finally finished this novel. It was worth it. Its a shame there is no sequel i wanted to see the world beyond sanctuaries

    16 days ago Reply
  • SwayamArora
    Reader KP:6

    Should i start this novel? Worth it?

    20 days ago Reply
    • Sliced_Strife
      Reader KP:45

      Depends on what you like. I stopped reading at ch 451. I enjoy decent pacing along with power progression which this novel has. I mean he overcomes everything lol. I just don’t like how he stays using a second persona to hide and ppl state in the current chapters he still is using it. There was other reasons I stopped but it’s been awhile so don’t remember them all.

      17 days ago Reply
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  • Shredder
    Reader KP:21

    Can anyone tell me who really Zero is and what's the story behind her?

    27 days ago Reply
  • SayanSaha
    Reader KP:2

    Sir please tell me if you can give part 2 of the story .. I just like to read it I am very unsatisfied to the ending.. Please write down the second part and about han sen...

    1 months ago Reply
    • Figgunkey
      Reader KP:142

      You should go to the official site and ask there the author about it

      1 months ago Reply
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