The Immortal's Poison

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Wolfofshadows 1
Chapter 1 one year ago

While having a interesting concept the story itself is not very well thought out and the author writes as though the reader knows everything prior to reading the novel itself. Characters are one dimensional with no real fleshing out so the reader can not really identify or connect with them. World building in non-existent and coupled with multiple doctrine theologies further convoluted the entirety of what the author is trying to do with the world he was creating thus making it very disjointed and jarring. Reading this story is like reading a text book on particle physics and being expected to understand what is going one while only having a 5th grade education. This one is best left alone, sitting quietly in a "to donate" box in someones attic.

YourFavoriteNovelSucks 0
Chapter 1 one year ago

It starts off interesting as I thought the protagonist would use his wits to develop interesting poisons or medications, but through some silly events he just gains absurd power and becomes a super (poison) man.

The Necromancers were considered good guys, yet Earth sorcerers were considered evil that use forbidden magic...yeah right!

The focus on necromancy and dark magic (all being considered "good guys") was rather disgusting, I couldn't get myself to continue reading.

Even though it has nothing do with the main story, it's filled with buddhist nonsense.

Offtopic: you should look up buddhist atrocities in Myanmar (Burma)...